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BMW Designworks, Munich

I had my first taste of designing for automotive experience when I was an interaction design intern at BMW Designworks. I worked with the advanced design team to device a strategic vision for BMW E-mobility for 2025 to rethink what it means to be in an electric future. I worked throughout the design process from initial scoping and ideation to final story telling. We created a bold vision to inspire the core team in defining future focus areas.
Aaaand it is confidential.

Designworks Munich
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Kiska, Salzburg

If Designworks was about defining a future, Kiska was all about impacting the present. It was a perfect playground for me to work on the tangibles that could bring meaningful differences to the automotive experience. I worked on a broad spectrum of transportation modalities and associated services like designing safe ride experience for urban air travel, screen-free HMI for e-scooters, cross-platform UI for KTM bike range, electric charging services, etc.
Aaaand it is also confidential.

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Foley Designs, Bangalore

Coming from a software background, working as an industrial designer was like taking baby steps. But the fast-paced environment pushed me to learn and grow quicker. Here I learned and refined the art of thinking with hands and developed a vocabulary around materials, processes, and human senses. Partnering with researchers, engineers, and external vendors, I took ideas from sketches to production. Over the next three years, I designed and shipped 50+ products ranging from consumer technology, health and wellness devices, lifestyle accessories, furniture and lighting, industrial machinery, etc.

Foley Designs
Foley works
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