Those random sparks that came out of nowhere, those design jokes we cracked around a Fika, those what-if questions that gave me goosebumps - I call them musings. It is a never-ending list that helps me not to think serious and get my hands dirty to make these thoughts tangible.

Expressions through Interaction | Form exploration

Getting back and prototyping interactions with Arduino were one of the most joyful experience I had at UID. Here I tried to explore forms in interaction design by conveying an emotion. The emotion I chose to explore was 'embarrassment'.

Slider control was done using an Arduino Uno and Adafruit motor shield.

Experiments with Light | Space Installation

It is a rewarding experience to explore the interplay of light and different materials. At Foley designs, I was tasked with creating an installation inspired by 5 elements of earth. I worked around various material combinations to get the desired lighting effect.

Bamboo experiments | Tensegrity

While doing my internship at Uravu, I experimented with tensegrity to see how bamboo could be used to make furniture without joineries. This didn't suffice to a finished product but I learned a lot on how to manipulate tension and compression elements.

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