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I am an interaction designer with a background in electronics engineering and product design, and I find myself at home in both worlds. My story started long back in a small and culturally rich town in the south of India. As a kid, I was all about becoming a chef. I love everything about food and chefs are my superheroes, and it fascinates me how they 'design' for all the senses. But ever since I made my first robotic arms move using a play station joystick, I developed an interest in making physical things. An ardent maker, I strive to create meaningful 'stories around things' - which will provoke new behaviors, new futures, and new ways to live.

Curiosity about how things work and how they are made took me to the Indian Institute of Technology - Bombay, where I did my Masters in Industrial Design. Here I developed a mind to empathize with people, which guided me to design housing solutions for urban slums in Mumbai. This deep-rooted empathy for people and my affinity for anything digital inspired me to learn interaction design at Umeå, where I discovered the role of a storyteller in crafting meaningful user experiences. 

North of Sweden was dark, white, and fun, but I needed an escape to travel and get inspired. I took a year break and worked at Designworks (Munich) and Kiska (Salzburg) where I speculated and prototyped a range of experiences for E-mobility, Micro mobility, and Urban air mobility. Right now, I am ideating in Umea and developing my vocabulary on digital ethics, creative AI, post-phenomenology, and augmented humanity.

I am happy to listen to your thoughts. Feel free to reach out to me at

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